In an era where allergies and asthma are increasingly prevalent, the importance of maintaining clean and healthy indoor air cannot be overstated. Air purifiers have emerged as a vital tool in managing these conditions, filtering out allergens and irritants that can trigger symptoms. This article provides a comprehensive review of the best air purifiers for allergies and asthma in 2024, catering to various price ranges and room sizes.

The Importance of Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma

Air purifiers work by removing particulates from the air, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke, which are common triggers for allergies and asthma. By reducing the concentration of these allergens in the air, air purifiers can help to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Best Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma
Best Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma

Top Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma

Under $100 for Small Rooms (under 300 sq ft)

Taotronics AP003: This air purifier offers excellent value with performance that rivals air purifiers which cost twice as much. It’s suitable for smaller spaces such as a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The Taotronics AP003 has a very efficient fan motor, which allows it to clean a lot of air without generating a lot of noise.

Clorox Air Purifiers: These purifiers are equipped with a True HEPA filter and can cover medium rooms up to 1,000 sq ft. They remove 99.9% of mold, viruses, wildfire smoke, allergens, pet allergies, and dust. The Clorox 11010 True HEPA air purifier is a solid all-round performer. It’s quieter than most other HEPA purifiers and offers decent all-around performance.

$100 – $200 for Medium Rooms (300 – 700 sq ft)

Taotronics-AP003 (x 2): With $200 to spend, it’s recommended to get two of these air purifiers. They are effective in improving indoor air quality.

Levoit Core 300: This is another good option in this price range. It’s recommended to get two units for better coverage. The Levoit Core 300 is designed with VortexAir™ Technology that increases the air purifier’s power and efficiency, distributing more clean air throughout the room.

$200 – $300 for Large Rooms (over 700 sq ft)

Levoit Core 400S: This air purifier provides excellent value for money with three stages of protection to cover common pollutants, impressive room coverage, and an excellent range of Features.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+: This purifier can perform 4.8 air changes an hour in a 550 sq ft space and can even cover a room as large as 2,592 sq ft. It boasts Blueair’s highly advanced HEPASilent technology.

Over $300 for Large Rooms (over 700 sq ft)

Coway Airmega 230: This air purifier uses a three-stage filtration system to effectively remove pollutants, making it ideal for those with allergies. It can cover large rooms and completes 4.8 air changes per hour in rooms up to 403 square feet.

Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde: This is a high-end option that combines a high-quality air purifier, fan, and heater. It’s recommended for those who can afford it.

These recommendations are based on testing and user feedback. It’s important to consider the size of the room and specific needs (like allergies or asthma) when choosing an air purifier.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier

When choosing an air purifier, several factors should be taken into account to ensure you select the most suitable device for your needs:

  1. Room Size: The size of the room where the air purifier will be placed is a crucial factor. Air purifiers are designed to work in specific room sizes, and using a device in a room larger than its capacity will reduce its effectiveness. Measure your room size to find the square footage and choose an air purifier that is equipped for that size.
  2. Type of Filter: The type of filter used in the air purifier is another important consideration. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the gold standard for air purifiers as they can remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Some air purifiers also have carbon filters to assist in the removal of odors.
  3. Air Change Rate (CADR): The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) measures the volume of filtered air delivered by an air purifier. Higher CADR ratings indicate a greater amount of clean air being delivered to the room. There are different CADR ratings for removing tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen. Focus on the CADR for your main pollutant of concern.
  4. Specific Allergens: If you’re sensitive to specific allergens, choose an air purifier designed to filter out those particles. For instance, if you live with a smoker, choose an air purifier that has a high CADR for tobacco smoke.
  5. Maintenance Requirements: The ease of maintenance and the cost of replacement filters should also be considered. Some filters are washable, while others are disposable. The frequency of filter changes will also vary depending on the air purifier.
  6. Noise Levels: Since air purifiers must run continuously to be effective, noise levels can be a significant factor, especially for devices placed in bedrooms or quiet spaces.
  7. Energy Consumption: Air purifiers must run around the clock to be effective, so you should factor in the energy cost when you shop. Energy Star certified purifiers are 40 percent more energy-efficient than standard models.

By considering these factors, you can choose an air purifier that best suits your needs and creates a healthier living environment.


The effectiveness of an air purifier also depends on factors like the specific allergens you’re sensitive to, the size of the room, and how often you run the purifier. It’s also important to maintain the purifier properly, including regular filter changes. By considering these factors and the recommendations provided, you can find the best air purifier for your needs and create a healthier living environment.


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