The legalization of marijuana in many states has led to an increase in indoor smoking. While this has opened doors for recreational and medicinal use, it has also introduced a new challenge: the lingering smell of weed smoke. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: air purifiers. Specifically, the Levoit Core 400S air purifier, which is designed to eliminate weed smoke and its associated smell, ensures your home remains fresh and healthy.

Why Choose an Air Purifier for Weed Smoke?

Air purifiers are essential for maintaining good indoor air quality. They work by combining an internal filter and fan to pull in unwanted particles from the air in a specific room. The purified air is then circulated back into the room, boosting indoor air quality.

When it comes to weed smoke, air purifiers with activated carbon and HEPA filters are particularly effective. They tackle the issues raised by smoking marijuana head-on, leaving your home feeling fresh and healthy.

Levoit Core 400S: A Comprehensive Review

Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

The Levoit Core 400S is a remarkable air purifier that offers a blend of performance, ease of use, and smart features. This review will delve into the details of this device, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and how it can enhance the air quality in your home or office.

FeaturesLevoit Core 400S
Dimensions10.8″ x 10.8″ x 20.5″
Weight10.5 lbs
True HEPA (99.97%)Yes
Estimated Lifetime Cost (5 years)$735
Annual Cost$147
Airborne Particulate Reduction After 1 Hour (%)99.98%
App ControlYes
Room Coverage403 sq. ft.
Price$220 List $219.99 at Amazon
Noise Levels42.1 – 59.9 dBA

Performance and Efficiency

The Levoit Core 400S is a high-performing air purifier that stands out in its class. It effectively cleans the air in rooms up to 403 square feet, making it ideal for medium-sized rooms. The unit’s clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 260 isn’t the highest in the class, but it’s pretty good considering the size of the unit and the other Features it offers.

The 400S has an air quality sensor that automatically turns on the unit when airborne particulates reach an undesirable level. This feature helps prevent the buildup of airborne particulates and odors, ensuring your space remains fresh and healthy.

In terms of noise, the 400S isn’t too loud when set to high, and its fan is almost undetectable when set to low. The unit also offers a sleep mode that dims the interface lights and further reduces fan noise.

Smart Features

The Levoit Core 400S is equipped with a range of smart Features that enhance its usability and performance. It is app-compatible, allowing you to create a schedule for when you want your air purifier to power on and off. You can also view real-time air quality data and charts when your purifier is working at its hardest.

The device Features a touch-sensitive control panel within a vented ring at the top. This is where users can turn the device on and off and adjust the settings. A series of color-coded indicator rings also tell you how clean your air is right now, from red (bad) to green (good).

Design and Usability

The Levoit Core 400S is a sleek, white cylinder that’s thoughtfully designed. It Features two handles on either side of the device for easy moving around the home. A futuristic-looking black vented ‘wheel’ sits at the top of the device, within which a display screen allows users to view air quality data, fan settings, filter status, auto mode, and sleep mode.

The device is remarkably easy to use. This ease of operation comes without sacrificing Features to simplify the interface and settings.

Price and Value

The Levoit Core 400S is available at a price point that places it firmly in the mid-range of the market. But its extra Features, smart, connected technology, and powerful performance set this air purifier apart from other models at the same price.

User Reviews

The Levoit Core 400S scores an impressive 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with a whopping 85% of reviewers giving it the full 5 stars. It also scores 4.9 stars out of 5 on Walmart’s site.


The Levoit Core 400S air purifier is a powerful and efficient solution for eliminating weed smoke and its associated smell. Its advanced Features and high performance make it a top choice for maintaining fresh and healthy indoor air. So, whether you’re a regular smoker or just an occasional user, investing in a good air purifier like the Levoit Core 400S is a worthwhile decision.


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