Air quality is a critical factor to consider, especially in laboratories where there are potential airborne contaminants. A lab charge air purifier helps to clean the air and eliminate harmful particles that can affect the health of lab workers or damage equipment. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best lab charge air purifiers for 2020 based on extensive research and testing.

Best Lab Charge Air Purifiers of 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Lab Charge Air Purifier

Before selecting an air purifier for your laboratory, you need to look out for some essential factors such as:

Filter Type

The type of filter used affects how effective an air purifier is at removing airborne contaminants. HEPA filters are highly efficient and can capture up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

CADR Rating

CADR rating measures how efficiently an air purifier can remove pollutants from the room’s atmosphere based on its size.

Noise Level

A noisy machine might be distracting or disturbing during work hours, so it’s important that you choose an air purifier with low noise levels if possible.

Top Picks: Best Lab Charge Air Purifiers for 2020

After careful consideration and review by experts at XieVO, here are our top picks for the best lab charge air purifiers in 2020:

1) IQAir Cleanroom H13 HEPA Air Purifier

IQAir Cleanroom H13 HEPA is one of the most efficient lab charge air purifiers available today thanks to its HyperHEPA filtration system capable of capturing ultrafine particles down to .003 microns.

  • High CADR ratings ensure effective cleaning results even in large spaces
  • Low-maintenance pre-filters last longer than conventional filters reducing replacement costs

2) ESD Safe HEPA+ Carbon Chemical Filter Air Purifier

The ESD Safe HEPA+ Carbon Chemical Filter Air Purifier is a versatile device that can purify the air over large areas. It comes with two filtration systems, the Pre-Filter and an activated carbon filter.

  • Provides high airflow rate for effective room coverage
  • Neutralizes harmful chemicals released in laboratories during experiments

3) Airetrex 365 Nano-Coated TiO2 Multi-stage Air Cleaner

The Airetrex 365 Nano-Coated TiO2 Multi-stage Air Cleaner is an eco-friendly air cleaner equipped with 6 purification stages to ensure maximum contaminant removal.

  • The UV-C Chamber ensures complete sterilization of contaminants before releasing them back into the environment.
  • Energy Star rated minimizes energy consumption & promotes efficiency.


In conclusion, choosing a lab charge air purifier undoubtedly requires careful examination to ensure it meets your laboratory’s requirement as well as its occupants’ safety. These top picks for the best lab charge air purifiers will guarantee you have a healthy and safe working environment while reducing maintenance costs in replacement filters, among other advantages. Remember to keep factors such as filter type, CADR rating and noise level in mind when making your decision – all of which these featured devices help deliver on greatly!


What is the difference between a lab charge air purifier and a regular air purifier?
A: Lab charge air purifiers are specifically designed to remove extremely small particles from the air, such as those found in laboratory settings. Regular home air purifiers may not be effective at capturing these types of particles.

How often should I replace the filters in my lab charge air purifier?
A: It depends on how often you use it and the quality of your indoor air. Generally, it’s recommended to replace HEPA filters every 6-12 months and pre-filters every 3 months.

Can a lab charge air purifier eliminate odors?
A: Yes, many lab charge air purifiers come with activated carbon filters that can absorb odors from pets, cooking, and other sources. However, it’s important to note that these filters will need to be replaced more frequently than HEPA or pre-filters.


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