Indoor air pollution poses a serious yet often overlooked health threat, with pollutant levels frequently 5 times higher than outdoor concentrations. Allergens, mold, chemicals, and even viruses circulate in stagnant indoor environments, exacerbating respiratory conditions like asthma.

Traditional air purifiers fall short by merely filtering some particles while allowing dangerous gases to pass through. Molecule’s groundbreaking Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology destroys pollutants at a molecular level to deliver unprecedented air purification performance.

Molecule Air Purifier: Advanced Technology for Clean Air

What is PECO Air Purification?

Molecule’s PECO represents a major scientific advancement in air cleaning technology. Unlike outdated HEPA filters that simply trap particles, PECO uses light energy to break down pollutants into harmless components.

Specifically, PECO utilizes a proprietary nano-coated filter and UV light to create an oxidation reaction. This process breaks molecular bonds in dangerous pollutants like viruses, VOCs, and chemical fumes, converting them into basic elements like CO2 and H2O.

Independent testing verifies PECO’s ability to destroy 95% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that other filters miss. This unprecedented performance establishes PECO as America’s #1 emerging air purification method.

Key Benefits of PECO Air Purifiers

  • Destroy Pollutants at Molecular Level: PECO does more than capture particles, it destroys dangerous gases like VOCs.
  • Eliminate Viruses & Bacteria: Testing shows 95% destruction rate, unlike filters that simply collect pathogens.
  • Prevent Mold Growth: PECO breaks down mold instead of collecting spores on filters where mold spreads.
  • No Harmful Byproducts: PECO produces no ozone or other irritating chemical byproducts.
  • Quiet Operation: Its specialized 30 dB Whisper Mode won’t disrupt sleep.
  • Easy Maintenance: PECO filters last 6 months with average use, more economical than replacing HEPA filters.

Molecule Air Purifier Lineup

Molecule offers PECO purifiers to fit every space, with app control and intelligent sensors:

  • Molecule Air – Compact and portable model for small rooms up to 600 sq. ft. Sleek design with vegan leather strap.
  • Molecule Air Pro – Commercial-grade for large rooms up to 1000 sq. ft. Equipped with advanced air quality sensors.
  • Molecule Air Mini – Budget-friendly under $300. Cleans rooms up to 250 sq. ft.

Why Choose Molecule Air Purifiers?

As PECO technology reshapes industry standards for air purification, Molecule air purifiers lead the way. Rigorously tested by independent labs, PECO has verified abilities to destroy VOCs, mold, bacteria and viruses that traditional filters can’t touch.

Molecule also stands behind their innovative products with generous policies:

  • 60 Day Risk-Free Returns
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty

Breathe cleaner and live healthier with the revolutionary PECO technology inside Molecule air purifiers. Discover more about this advanced air purification breakthrough here.


How does the Molecule Air Purifier work?

The Molecule Air Purifier uses advanced technology to destroy pollutants on a molecular level, leaving behind clean and healthy air. It works by drawing in air through its pre-filter, which captures large particles like pet hair and dust. The air is then passed through the PECO filter, which uses photo electrochemical oxidation to break down harmful pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What types of pollutants can the Molecule Air Purifier remove?

The Molecule Air Purifier is designed to remove a wide range of indoor air pollutants including fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), dust mites, allergens, smoke particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pet dander, mold spores and other airborne toxins.

Is it easy to maintain the Molecule Air Purifier?

Yes! Maintaining your Molecule Air Purifier is easy with simple steps once or twice per year depending on use frequency:
Replace Pre-Filters every three months or so
Replace PECO Filters after using for a whole year
Clean housing with soft cloth


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