Are you in search of an air purifier that can effectively remove allergens, pollutants, and odors from your indoor air? The Winix C545 Air Purifier might be the answer. This comprehensive review will provide you with an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and maintenance of this air purifier, helping you make an informed decision.

Winix C545 Air Purifier Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Overview of Winix C545

The Winix C545 is a mid-range air purifier that boasts a 4-stage filtration system and claims to capture up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. The four stages include:

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. True HEPA filter
  4. PlasmaWave technology

It also comes with several other Features that are standard in most modern air purifiers, such as an auto mode, sleep mode, and remote control.

Features of the Winix C545 Air Purifier

The Winix C545 comes equipped with various Features that make it a standout choice for improving indoor air quality:

  • 4-Stage Filtration System: This purifier boasts a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a True HEPA filter, and a PlasmaWave filter. This combination ensures efficient removal of pollutants and allergens from the air.
  • Smart Sensors: The Winix C545 has built-in smart sensors that monitor air quality and adjust fan speed accordingly, providing optimal performance.
  • Sleep Mode: When the room is dark, the purifier automatically switches to sleep mode, operating at a lower fan speed and reducing noise levels.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator: The purifier alerts you when it’s time to replace the filters, ensuring optimal performance.

Benefits of the Winix C545 Air Purifier

Investing in the Winix C545 Air Purifier offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved Air Quality: The advanced filtration system effectively removes allergens, pollutants, and odors, resulting in cleaner air.
  • Energy Efficiency: The purifier’s smart sensors help conserve energy by adjusting fan speed based on air quality.
  • Quiet Operation: The sleep mode feature ensures minimal noise levels during nighttime operation.
  • Easy Maintenance: Filter replacement is straightforward, thanks to the filter replacement indicator.

Maintaining Your Winix C545 Air Purifier

To keep your Winix C545 running at peak performance, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Clean the pre-filter: Regularly clean the pre-filter using a vacuum cleaner or by rinsing it under water.
  • Replace the carbon filter: Change the activated carbon filter every three months to maintain optimal odor removal.
  • Replace the HEPA filter: Replace the True HEPA filter every 12 months to ensure efficient allergen and pollutant removal.
  • Clean the PlasmaWave filter: Wipe the PlasmaWave filter with a soft cloth every three months to maintain its efficiency.


So, how does the Winix C545 perform when put to the test? Based on our research and testing, we found that it excels in terms of capturing particles and eliminating odors effectively.

Here’s why we think so:

Filtration System

The four-stage filtration system works well together to remove different types of pollutants from your indoor space. The pre-filter traps larger particles like pet hair or dust; the activated carbon filter neutralizes odors like smoke or cooking smells; the true HEPA filter removes allergens like pollen or dander; and PlasmaWave technology uses positive hydrogen ions (H+) and negative oxygen ions (O2-) to eliminate viruses while helping reduce chemical vapors such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Coverage Area

Although advertised for rooms up to 360 sq. ft., during our tests we found that it was best suited for smaller spaces under 250 square feet. It can clean a room’s air approximately every 30 minutes, which is acceptable at this price point.

Noise Level

The Winix C545 has a relatively quiet operation, except when used on the highest fan speed, which can be a bit loud. On lower settings, it is unobtrusive and doesn’t interfere with normal activity in your home.


Aside from its performance, another factor worth mentioning is the design of the air purifier. It has an appealing look that could blend well with most homes’ decors. The intuitive touch panel makes navigating through different settings easy, even in low light environments.


  • Excellent filtration system, making it ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to use and control
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Good value for its price


  • Loud on the highest setting
  • Limited coverage area compared to some other models
  • Replacing filters may prove expensive over time, based on usage frequency

Is the Winix C545 Worth the Investment?

Considering the Features, benefits, and ease of maintenance, the Winix C545 Air Purifier is a worthwhile investment for those seeking improved indoor air quality. Its advanced filtration system, smart sensors, and quiet operation make it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and anyone looking for cleaner air in their home. For more information on air purifiers and their benefits, check out our article on the benefits of desktop air purifiers.


Winix C545 Air Purifier offers a combination of performance, efficiency, and ease of use that makes it a valuable addition to any home. By investing in this air purifier, you’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher air, and potentially improved health and well-being.

Overall, the Winix C545 is a solid choice if you want better indoor air quality without breaking your budget. It’s not without flaws, but given its multi-stage filtration system, modern design, and high ratings online, one could argue that it provides good value against competing products currently available in the market. For more information on air purifiers and their benefits, check out our article on the benefits of desktop air purifiers and ionizer air purifier technology.


What type of filters does the Winix C545 Air Purifier use?

The Winix C545 Air Purifier utilizes a 3-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. This combination is capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, including pollen, pet dander, smoke, and allergens.

Can you control the fan speed on the Winix C545 Air Purifier?

Yes! The Winix C545 offers four different fan speeds (Low, Medium, High, and Turbo) to fit your individual air cleaning needs.

How often do I need to replace the filters on my Winix C545 Air Purifier?

It’s recommended to replace the pre-filters every three months and True HEPA/activated carbon filters every twelve months depending upon usage habits for optimal performance. However, this can vary based on factors such as air quality and usage time so it’s essential to monitor your purifier regularly – an indicator light will indicate when it’s time for a replacement filter change).


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